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Each furniture piece is custom-created using time-tested traditional techniques and materials, by a second-generation woodworker.  This is the opposite of factory-produced furniture; each of my pieces is ergonomically designed, then plotted out and cut, planed, shaped, assembled and finished to exacting specifications, following the tradition of my grandfather's master carpentry techniques.  

These artisanal pieces are designed to elevate your outdoor experience, and indulge your appetite for the most comfortable, durable and elegant furniture pieces you have ever experienced.


Due to the size and weight of most pieces, I offer local pickup from my shop in Geneva, Illinois and delivery within Kane County.  I look forward to seeing you!


I take pride in every curve, every edge and every surface of my furniture creations.  If you have that same passion, and have ideas for your own custom pieces, drop me a note.  I can design and quote most pieces within 3 working days.

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